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Duo suite shoukou.jpg

Suite Shoukou

  • Near opponent, press back or forward + C or D
    • Shoulder strike that makes the opponent slide. Being a hard knockdown, you can follow up with Habarushimu Kyaku.

Command Moves

Dou benpatsuken.jpg


  • Press forward + A
    • A ponytail hair attack similar to Lin's. Move is cancelable.

Duo matome ito.jpg

Matome Ito

  • Press down-forward + D
    • A low kick followed by a mid-level kick that knocks down. The 1st kick is cancelable

Duo ikazuchika matome ito.jpg

>Ikazuchika Matome Ito

  • During Kazeka Matome Ito, Press E
    • 2nd kick is a Counter Wire or no-recovery attack.

Special Moves

Duo habarushimu kyaku.jpg

Habarushimu Kyaku

  • dp + B or D
    • D goes further than B. Duo Lon no longer has the rdp+K version, and this no longer juggles opponent but can OTG instead. This will not clash with projectiles, but cannot be negated.

Duo hike kyaku.jpg

Hike Kyaku

  • qcf + B or D
    • Forward teleport, D goes further. The move is slower than in 2k3.

Duo genma hishoukei kou.jpg

Genma Hishoukei Kou

  • During jump, qcb + B or D
    • Is now performed in mid-air and has no invincibility; Duo Lon dives down directly with a series of kicks. B version always knocks down with no-recovery allowed, while D does not.

Duo suite ma-ashiho.jpg

Suite Ma-ashiho

  • Near opponent, hcb, forward + A or C
    • Unblockable throw. Does no damage, but leaves opponent vulnerable for a moment. This comes out slower than in 2k3. You can no longer motion qcb+P after connecting with this to have Duo Lon switch sides with opponent.

Duo sutemi juuryuu.jpg

Sutemi Juuryuu

  • qcf + A or C (can be repeated up to 3 times)
    • 3rd input is cancelable into the Hike Kyaku, but no longer knocks down (sends opponent flying back, but they land on their feet) and is no longer SCable.

Duo on-fukuo ryuume-wa.jpg

>On-fukuo Ryuume-Wa

  • During Sutemi Juuryu (A), Press forward + B (SC)
    • Knee attack. The timing to launch this is different from 2k3(is performed the instant the 1st input of the Sutemi Juuryu hits). Can no longer be done if the Sutemi Juryuu misses, but is still cancelable into other special moves.

Duo shiryou kunhotsu seikin.jpg

>Shiryou Kunhotsu Seikin

  • During On-fukuo Ryuume-Wa, qcb + A or C (SC)
    • Stuns opponent upon hitting. This is now done when the Ryuume-Wa hits, and not after like in 2k3. Move is SCable. You can still follow with a crouching A > Sutemi Juuryu (x3) after this hits (the Ryuume Wa > this will miss, so no more infinites). This move has very short range and will miss unless the Sutemi Juuryu was done very close to opponent or the input was delayed slightly. If SCed into his LDM, opponent will remain stunned long enough for you to combo after.

Super Moves

Duo hiden genmu kyaku.jpg

Hiden Genmu Kyaku

  • qcfx2 + B or D
    • Duo Lon does multiple Habarushimu Kyaku that expand outwardsto the end of the screen. Move does less hits and damage the further away opponent is. This won't negate projectiles, but cannot be negated either.

Duo hiden genmu juon shikon.jpg

Hiden Genmu Juon Shikon

  • qcb, hcf + B or D
    • Projectile move, no longer does 2 hits up close. Launches much faster than in 2k3 and can now be chained into from hard attacks. C version travels faster, while A version travels slowly but recovers quick enough that Duo Lon can move shortly after.

Duo hiden genmu on-ryou kabe.jpg

Hiden Genmu On-Ryou Kabe

  • hcbx2 + A or C (DC)
    • The ghosts circling around Duo Lon can negate projectiles(even DMs), but Duo Lon is no longer invincible. Move now does chipping damage on every hit and is DCable (though it knocks down, preventing you to combo the Genmu Ankei after).

Leader Move

Duo okugi tajuu genmu ankei.jpg

Okugi: Tajuu Genmu Ankei

  • Press A, C, B, D
    • Duo Lon creates several mirror images that imitate his normal and special moves (lasts for about 5 seconds normally). Many of Duo Lon's attacks also have more range (he can hit from half-screen's length with some moves). The startup animation cannot hit if move is canceled into, and Duo Lon is no longer invincible when launched standalone. If he was hit during the startup, the move's effects will not take place. Since each of Duo Lon's attacks are mirrored several times, it's possible to keep opponent in continuous hitstun with certain attack combinations, thus creating a semi-infinite combo until the move's effect wears out. Note that the Habarushimu Kyaku and Suite Ma-ashiho will not be mirrored.

Differences from King of Fighters 2003

  • Overall movement speed, priority and damage output has dwindled.
  • Cannot cancel crouching B.
  • Lost the Hika Tenshi (Flying Cross Cord).
  • Lost the Sankaku Tobi (triangle jump).
  • Has gained the new unique move, Benpatsuken.
  • The Kazeka Matome Ito is now cancelable into specials and supers.
  • Habarushimu Kyaku only hits from the front. In addition, it will not knock the opponent down nor put them in a juggle state. Now the opponent only suffers from a normal hit stun. Habarushimu Kyaku can also be super cancelled now.
  • Hike Kyaku does not travel as far, comes out slower and has lesser invincibility frames. Do to these changes it is harder to set-up cross-up's on the opponent.
  • Genma Hishoukei Kou must be done from the air now. Before Duo-Lon would teleport and fall from the air kicking his opponent. The Genma Hishoukei Kou does not knock down anymore either.
  • Suite Ma-ashiho can no longer be comboed into. Plus, it comes out slower and recovers slower.
  • The last command of Sutemi Juuryuu cannot be super cancelled. It also does not knock the opponent down nor does it put them into a juggle state anymore. Instead it merely resets the opponent.
  • The frame advantage on Shiryou Kunhotsu Seikin has been decreased, making it harder to link a combo from it. Duo-Lon also suffers from a large recoil as well. Due to the recoil and the frame disadvantage, Duo Lon no longer has access to his infinite.
  • Has gained the new Hiden Genmu Kyaku super move
  • The Tajuu Genmu Ankei, his LDM, now has two images, instead of one, copying his attacks. The attacks no longer randomly miss. The startup delay is also dismissed when this move is super/dream canceled.


  • Jumping deep C, crouching B, link crouching A, Sutemi Juuryux3
  • Crouching A, link standing close C, Kazeka Matome Ito, Sutemi Juuryux3

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