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Dynamite Puncher - b/f+C/D

Unique Moves

One-Two Puncher - f+A

  • Cancellable on the first hit, second hit is a no-recovery overhead attack

Slide Punch - df+B

  • Sliding attack that knocks down

Special Moves

Machine Gun Puncher - hcf+A/C (tap A/C)

  • tap A and C to increase number of hits. Last hit either counter wires or no-recovery knockdown.

Forbidden Eagle - dp+A/C

  • C version comes out slower but launches. Can also negate projectiles.

Dash Puncher - charge b,f+A/C

  • Dashing uppercut, launches on hit

Puncher Vision (Forward) - qcf+B/D

  • Immune to high and mid-level attacks for part of dash

Puncher Vision (Backward) - qcb+B/D

  • same as PV forward

Puncher Upper - f+A during Puncher Vision

  • juggles upon hitting, can cancel into PV afterwards

Punch Straight - f+C during Puncher Vision

  • Guard crushes if block, can cancel into PW afterwards

Puncher Weaving - b+A/C (can hold) during Puncher Vision

  • Vanessa bends over and starts to weav back and forth allwoing her to dodge some high and mid-level attacks, hold button down to stay in stance.

Puncher Weaving - qcb+A/C (can hold)

  • Vanessa bends over and starts to weav back and forth allwoing her to dodge some high and mid-level attacks, hold button down to stay in stance.

Dash Puncher - f+A/C during Puncher Weaving

  • performs Dash Puncher while standing still.

Parrying Puncher - b+A/C during Puncher Weaving

  • Autoguards before the punch.

Puncher Vision (Foward) - f+B/D during Puncher Weaving

  • same as regular PV.

Puncher Vision (Backward) - b+B/D during Puncher Weaving

  • same as regular PV.

Desperation Moves

Champion Puncher - qcfx2+A/C

  • Vanessa does 3 punches, then finishes with a standing Dash Puncher. DM can catch opponents juggled from Forbidden Eagle or Dash Puncher.

Crazy Puncher - qcb,hcf+A/C

  • Invincible during start-up flash. Dashes under jumping/mid-air opponents. Dash is much faster than before.

Leader Desperation Moves

MAX Puncher - qcfx2+E

  • Vanessa goes into MAX Mode(from KoF 2002) for around 5 seconds. Allows her to cancel moves that are normally un-cancellable moves and cancel special moves with another special move. She can also do either DM without using any meter, but it ends MAX Mode.

Puncher Finish - qcfx2+CE (Dream Cancel only)

  • Can only be used if the DM hits. Has a different animation for each DM. When Dream Canceled from Champion Puncher, Vanessa performs a move similar to her Gaia Gear MAX DM from KoF 2002. When Dream Canceled from Crazy Pucnher, she performs a move similar to her MAX DM version of Crazy Puncher from KoF 2002.

Infinite Combo

There are a number of set ups for the infinite combo. The following are just a few.


j.C,c.C,Dash Puncher (A),c.C,qcfxE, (qcb+B, f+C{cancel}qcf+B,c.C)x2, qcb+B,f+C{cancel}dp+Cxinfinity



j.C,s.C(2hits), qcb+B,f+D(QS)qcfx2+E,c.C,qcb+B,f+C(cancel)dp+C(repeat dp+C)



s.D(1-hit), qcb+B,B, qcfxA/C(QS)dp+C (repeat dp+C over and over again)





Vanessa Tutorial vid

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