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Power Modes


Using Advanced, you will have a green health bar and power stocks built up for various uses, including DMs and SDMs. On your first character, you can have up to 3 stocks, 4 on your second, and 5 on your last. Some of your abilites in this mode include being able to:

  • run forward (ff, holding forward down)
  • roll forwards and backwards (AB + direction, just AB will be forward)
  • activate Max Mode using one stock (ABC)
    • In Max Mode, your character will be yellow-tinted and have stronger attack power, but will also slightly push opponents back and make some combos harder to pull off. While in Max Mode, you can pull off one SDM, and using it ends Max Mode.


Using Extra, you will have a yellow health bar and can charge your meter to maximum to perform DMs. When your health is low and flashing, you'll be able to perform DMs at will. Some abilities exclusive to Extra are:

  • front step (ff), you walk faster by 130% than advanced.
  • fix dodge (AB)
  • dodge attack (P/K during dodge), can be canceled into specials or supers.
  • charge power gauge (holding ABC)
    • press ABC to activate MAX mode when you have full meter, you are only able to build meter from charge, getting hit or blocking.
    • you can use supers straight without going MAX mode with a full meter. you can also spend a full meter for guard cancel.
  • perform Quick Max (pressing ABC on the connecting hit of certain attacks when you have a full meter)
    • Quick Max is the ability to activate Max Mode during normal, command normals and special attacks (command grabs except proximity unblockables, projectiles and supers will not work)

Performing SDMs in Extra Mode require low flashing health and a fully-charged meter.


Using Ultimate, you will have a blue health bar, and you will be able to customize your own power mode. You can choose between:

  • Advanced power stocks or Extra chargeable meter
  • front step or running
  • rolling or dodge


Throws - b/f + C/D

Throw Escapes - (when being grabbed) b/f + P/K, you can't break the throw while performing roll or fix dodge.

-Air Blocking In '98UM, you are able to block some ground or aerial attacks from the air. Also air blocking will consume your guard meter more than normal ground blocking.

-Triangle Jump Triangle jump is the ability to jump off of the invisible walls on the left and right of the stage diagonally. Characters able to perform this include Mai, Choi, Athena

- Character crouching height list -

Large: Brian, Chang, Daimon, Heavy D!, Krauser, Lucky, Mr Big, Rugal
Regular: Blue Mary, Clark, Chizuru, Eiji, Geese, Heidern, King, Kyo, Ralf, Robert, Ryo, Saisyu, Shermie, Shingo, Takuma, Terry
Small: Andy, Athena, Benimaru, Billy, Chris, Joe, Iori, Kasumi, Kensou, Kim, Leona, Mai Mature, Vice, Yamazaki, Yashiro, Yuri
Tiny: Chin, Choi
The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition



AndyAthenaBenimaruBillyBlue MaryBrianChangChinChizuruChoiChrisClarkEX AndyEX BillyEX Blue MaryEX GeeseEX JoeEX KingEX KyoEX MaiEX RobertEX RyoEX TerryEX YamazakiEX YuriEiji KisaragiGeese HowardDaimonHeavy D!HeidernIoriJoeKasumi TodohKimKingKyoLeonaLuckyMai ShiranuiMatureMr. BigOrochi ChrisOrochi ShermieOrochi YashiroRalfRobertRugal BernsteinRyoSaisyuShermieShingo YabukiSie KensouTakumaTerryViceWolfgang KrauserYamazakiYashiroYuri