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Jin Chonrei (RB2)


Tiny shoto child #1. Chonrei sports good fireballs, zippy movement, reliable combos, a great DP, a supremely dumb jumping normal in his j.C, and the ability to low profile all sorts of stuff. You've probably guessed that Chonrei mostly wants to chuck fireballs and anti-air people for trying to jump over them, and you'd be right. He can also just roll right under them and get a guaranteed punish courtesy of his Transcendent Dragon rolls. These rolls, amazingly, enable him to get around some higher-hitting Breakshots and generally annoy people for trying to hit him. But none of this makes up for his lack of any sort of real overhead threat. He can tick throw better than most people, but if he doesn't have the life lead or his opponent can contest his zoning, he starts to struggle. But the fireballs and DP are both really good, so he's still great for shoto players looking for a slightly different flavor to their usual archetype.

Pros Cons
  • Some of the quickest ground movement in the game
  • Great basic shoto tools
  • S-Power lets him cut off huge swathes of screen space
  • Transcendent Dragon rolls enable low profile punishes and tick throws
  • j.C is a great crossup
  • Can't combo into any of his supers
  • Lame buttons outside of j.C
  • Zero overhead threat
  • Slow and hard to use P-Power
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