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Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

He used to sit comfortably in the top-tier, and was probably his strongest in RBS, however he lost a lot of what made him strong in those games. He went from having a barrel-full of anti-airs to one (arguably two) and it's a normal. He has decent pokes, a fireball that can hit low, a nice command throw, a pursuit that hits anywhere on the screen, and an infinite (far and away the hardest in the game). He has less range than you think he would with a staff, limited combos, huge recovery of many of his specials / supers, and very few options to stop someone who's rushing.


-Decent Pokes

-Fireball that can hit low

-Nice command throw

-Pursuit that hits anywhere on screen

-Has an infinite (hardest infinite to do in the game)


-Lost most of his anti-airs from RBS

-Less range than he should with a staff

-Limited combos

-Huge recovery on many of his specials/supers

-Very few anti-rush options




st.B - Sokaku does a quick side kick outwards towards the opponent.

-Has good reach

-Does good damage


st.C - Sokaku slightly squats down and swings his staff forward to hit the opponent.

-Decent reach

-Good speed

-Safe on hit or block



sj.C - Sokaku does a small jump off the ground and brings his staff around quickly towards the opponent.


j.C - Sokaku jumps into the air and pokes his staff's tip towards the enemy.


Sinful Slam=(f/b + C) - Sokaku grabs the opponent with his hand, and then tosses them over his head with his staff.

-Hit Detection: Close

-Has a follow-up

-Put the opponent on the other side of Sokaku

Hell's Maw=(f, df, d + C) - Sokaku stops his No Way Out Crush half-way through and drops the opponent on the ground, following up by slamming the end of his staff into them.

-Hit Detection: Close, during No Way Out Crush

-Follow-up to No Way Out Crush

Deadly Ascension=(db/df + C) - Sokaku grabs an air-borne opponent, flips them underneath him, and slams them down onto the ground

-Hit Detection: Close, in air

Avoid Attack


Gut Staff=(A+B) - Sokaku dodges an attack for a split second and counters with his staff.


Feint Makibishi Masher=(d + A + C) - Sokaku starts to do Makibishi Masher and stops before it comes out.

Feint Ikazuchi=(d + B + C) - Sokaku begins to do Thunder God, but then stops before it comes out.

Command Normals


Copper Crane Face Bash=(df + A) - Sokaku thrusts his staff upward into the air.

-Seems mostly suited as an anti-air


Thunderbolt Cudgel=(d + C) - Sokaku slams his staff on the ground and causes a lightning strike to hit a downed opponent.


-Can be done off of a long-range knock down

Special Moves


Wild Monkey Slash=(qcb + A) - Sokaku makes some tiny looking versions of himself flight out towards the opponent, encircle him, and then a giant energy claw/hand grabs them and squeezes them.



-Increases the stun gauge


Makibishi Masher=(qcf + A) - Sokaku throws some caltrops out at the opponent.



-If used from long-range, must be blocked low

-Increases the stun gauge


Posession Blast=(f, b, f + C) - Sokaku makes a spirit come out and give several hand slaps to the enemy, then disappears. He crumples to the ground for a moment afterwards.



-Absorbs projectiles, but small, low to the ground ones can sneak by

-Sokaku crumples for a bit right after, leaving him very unsafe on block/whiff

-Increases the stun gauge


Demon Legion=(360 + C)

-Hit Detection: Close

-Has a wider reach than normal throws

-Increases the stun gauge


Evil One Bop=(A) - Sokaku projects his spirit out of his body, and controls it to attack the opponent.

-Hit Detection: Any range, tap A four times

-Absorbs projectile

-Has five possible follow-ups

-Increases stun gauge (as well as each of the follow-ups)


Sudden Burst=(f + C) - During Evil One Bop, Sokaku will swing his staff around hard at the opponent.

-Hit Detection: Any range, during Evil One Bop

-Better used at long-range to prevent being punished


Fallen Burst=(uf + C) - During Evil One Bop, Sokaku will slam the end of his staff onto the ground, damaging the enemy.

-Hit Detection: Any range, during Evil One Bop



Exorcist Burst=(df + C) - During Evil One Bop, Sokaku will sweep his staff at the opponent's legs.

-Hit Detection: Any range, hits low, during Evil One Bop


-Reach isn't quite as good as Sudden Burst


Overthrow Burst=(D) - During Evil One Bop, Sokaku delivers a downward punch covered in energy at the opponent.

-Hit Detection: Any range, during Evil One Bop

-Hits in both planes

-Is an overhead ONLY if the opponent is in the backplane

-If the opponent is in the backplane, will pull them to the front plane


Heavenly Burst=(db + C) - During Evil One Bop, Sokaku stabs his staff directly up into the air.

-Hit Detection: Any range, during Evil One Bop

-Best used as an anti-air


Shout!=(hcb + C) - Sokaku lifts up his hat and shouts, raising a green surge of energy from the ground with a face in it.


-Absorbs projectiles

-Has a follow-up attack

-Increases the stun gauge


Staff Thrust=(C) - During Shout! Sokaku will thrust his staff upwards vertically, knocking the opponent into the air.

-Hit Detection: Close, during Shout!

-Cannot be connected unless Shout! hit the opponent (block/whiff doesn't count)

-C has to be pressed a little late (but not too late) during Shout!

-Causes knockdown

-Has a follow-up


Hand Crush Finish=(360 + C) - After Staff Thurst, Sokaku will make a giant glowing hand appear in the sky and crush the opponent, sending them down to the ground.

-Hit Detection: Close, during Staff Thrust

-Must be performed quickly right after Staff Thrust

-Causes knockdown


Flames of Doom=(d/u + D) - While on the backplane, Sokaku will surge forward into the frontplane, covered in purple fire.


-Increases the stun gauge



Ikazuchi=(f, hcf + B + C) - Sokaku raises his staff in the air, and calls forth a giant spirit to electrocute the opponent.

-Hits in both planes

-Absorbs projectiles

-Hits over half the screen

-Can be difficult to use as anti-air due to a slow start-up

-Increases the stun gauge



Merciless Blast=(f, hcf + C) Sokaku quickly summons forth a much larger and more muscular version of the giant spirit, who promptly smashes his fist into the opponent.

-Sokaku has a very slight rest period just after the P-Power

-From long-range and mid-range, this P-Power becomes unblockable

-From slightly past mid-range to close range, it loses its unblockable state and becomes an over-head

-Increases the stun gauge


Chain Combos

Punch Starters
P (*)  --------> S (*, _, E)    
P close (*)
d + P (*)------> d + S (*, _, E)
P in air (O)---> S (1, H, O, E)
Kick Starters
K (*)  --------> S (*, E)         
K close (*)----> S (*)         -----> d, d + S (1, E)
d + K (*, _)---> S             -----> d, d + S (E)
                f + S (^, E)
K in air (O)---> S (1, H, O, E)
Strong Starters
S close (*)----> f + K (O)     ----->  f, d, df + P (A, E)

Chain Analysis

Rbff2352.jpg C, f + B, dp + A

-Causes knockdown


st. B, C

-Recommended chain to use at medium range



Frame Specifics

-> Continues a chain

Far A: 6f, +0 on block, +4 on hit

-> C: -7 on block, -1 on hit

Far B: 8f, -4 on block, +0 on hit

-> C: -7 on block, -1 on hit

Far C: 9f, +8 on block, +14 on hit

Close A: 6f, +0 on block, +4 on hit

-> C: Same as Far A-C

Close B: 8f, -4 on block, +0 on hit

-> C: -4 on block, +2 on hit

-> C -> d,d+C: -21 on block

Close C: 9f, -3 on standing block, -6 on crouching block, +3 on standing hit, +0 on crouching hit

-> f+B: -2 on block, +4 on hit

-> f+B -> dp+A: -11 on block

Crouching A: 6f, +0 on block, +4 on hit

-> d+C: -11 on block, -5 on hit

Crouching B: 7f, -3 on block, +1 on hit

-> C: Same as Close B-C

-> C -> d,d+C: Same as Close B-C-d,d+C

-> f+C: -7 on block

Crouching C: 11f, -6 on block

Jumping A: 6f

Jumping B: 6f

Jumping C: 11f

Neutral Jumping A: 6f

Neutral Jumping B: 7f

Hopping C: 12f

A+B: 9f, -6 on block, +0 on hit

Standing D: 6f, +1 on block, +4 on hit

Crouching D: 6f, +1 on block

Backplane A: 25f, +0 on block, +2 on hit

Backplane B: 24f, -1 on block, +1 on hit

Backplane C: 26f, -3 on block

d/f+A: 9f, -9 on block, -3 on hit

d+C on downed enemy: 20f

Mash A: 9f, advantage/disadvantage varies depending on distance & screen position

-> u/f+C: 14f, +7 on block, +9 on hit

-> d/f+C: 11f, +3 on block

-> f+C: 8f, +0 on block

-> d/b+C: 8f, -1 on block

-> D: 6f, +6 on block, +8 on hit

qcf+A: 16-70f, hits low from frame 40 onward, -5 or better on block, -3 or better on hit

qcb+A: 18f, +11 on block

hcb+B: 13f, -4 on block, -2 on hit

-> C: 5f

-> C -> 360+C: No frames, but this must be input right as the enemy begins to fall.

f,b,f+C: 19f, -59 on block

360+C: 1f

Backplane u,d+D: 19f, -6 to -2 on block, +2 to +6 on hit

f,hcf+B+C: 52f, invincible from then until the demon disappears (~140f), -68 on block

f,hcf+C: 25-28f depending on distance, 25-27f = overhead, 28f = overhead vs. Sokaku & unblockable vs. everyone else, -24 on block

d+A+C: 19f

d+B+C: 18f

Notes: He gets a slight advantage on block from canceling heavy attacks into d+B+C, which can make for some interesting rushdown once you factor in his far C and 360 grab.

His far C's animation is cut short if it hits or is blocked. When whiffed, its recovery is actually quite bad - if the opponent hops over it, expect to eat a nice combo.

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