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Normal Moves


  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cl. A: chains into itself.
  • cl. B: hits mid.
  • cl. C: Hits high.
  • cl. D: Very fast and Chizuru's only real combo starter.


  • Far A: Same as cl. A.
  • Far B: Pretty fast. Hits high, and can stop hops.
  • Far C: Hits high. Can be used as an anti-air.
  • Far D: Hits mid and moves Chizuru forward. Could be used as a poke.


  • cr. A/C/D are whiff/cancel-able.
  • cr. A and cr. B chain into each other.
  • cr. C: Same as Far C except it's cancel-able.


  • All of Chizuru's jump attacks are different during a neutral jump.
  • j. A: Instant overhead.
  • j. B: Instant overhead.
  • j. C: Pretty fast air-to-air. Not as good a jump-in as it looks. Needs to be used very deep, and the pushback can get you Far D on accident.
  • j. D: Chizuru's best jump-in. Difficult to cross-up with.
  • n. j. A: More decent than good air-to-air, since n. j. B/D already exist.
  • n. j. B: Good air-to-air.
  • n. j. C: Functionally the same as n. j. A, though is active for a bit longer.
  • n. j. D: Same as n. j. B with a teensy bit more range.

Blowback Attack

  • st. CD: Slow and noticeable start-up. Fair range to compensate.
  • j. CD: Pretty fast start-up. Can be used as a jump-in or air-to-air.


Frigorific Moon: b/f + C (close)

  • Chizuru sweeps the opponent off their feet.
  • Regular knockdown

Revolving Heavens: b/f + D (close)

  • Chizuru twirls the opponent in front of her.
  • Reverse knockdown

Command Moves

Supremacy: f + A

  • Chizuru steps forward and strikes in an arc in front of her.
  • Hits overhead
  • Hard knockdown
  • Special-cancelable when canceled into, but loses overhead property.

Sonority: f + B

  • Chizuru hops forward into a back-thrusted kick.
  • Does not combo from anything.
  • Can avoid lows.
  • Free-cancelable.

Tranquility: df + B

  • Slide that can't be special-canceled.
  • Hits low even if canceled into.
  • Can be spaced to make more safe on block.

Special Moves

Heaven's Way: dp + A/C

  • Chizuru's DP. Only combos from cl.A/B.
  • Distance traveled is the same for both versions.
  • Light version is a clone and does one hit. Good anti-air.
  • Heavy version is Chizuru and does two hits. Good reversal due to start-up invincibilty.

Oracles's Decree: hcb + A/B/C/D

  • A/C attack hits the opponent away. Soft knockdown.
    • Press A/C again to attack early.
    • Light version sends a clone.
    • Heavy version is Chizuru. Does more damage.
      • If Chizuru is hit during hcb+C, she'll return to where her clone stayed.
  • B/D attack smacks them to the ground. Hard knockdown.
    • Press B/D again to attack early.
    • Light version sends a clone.
    • Heavy version is Chizuru. Does more damage.
      • If Chizuru is hit during hcb+D, she'll return to where her clone stayed.
  • Both attacks hit mid and travel about 3/4 screen distance.
  • In order to combo from heavy attacks or command normals, you'll need to press the button again to attack earlier. Effectively double-tapping.

Heavenly Oracle's Decree: (during Oracle's Decree) qcb + A/B/C/D

  • The follow-up button has to be the same attack type as hcb+x (e.g. hcb+C, qcb+A/C)
  • If Chizuru used hcb+A/B, she'll still be the one attacking even though her clone attacked initially.
  • qcb+A/B: Chizuru hops into the air and swipes horizontally.
    • Soft knockdown
    • Whiffs on crouching opponents (also if they guarded hcb+p), or if hcb+k hits.
  • qcb+C/D: Chizuru does her qcf+A without any magic.
    • Hard knockdown
    • qcb+C only combos from hcb+p midscreen if it hits the opponent point-blank.

Echoing Harp: qcf + A/C

  • Chizuru does a magic-infused strike close to the ground.
  • Reflects projectiles
  • Soft knockdown
  • Light version can be combo'd into from heavy attacks and command normals. Hits mid. Preferred for reacting to projectiles.
  • Heavy version has Chizuru spin forwards, which is invincible at its start, before striking. Can't be combo'd into, but hits overhead.

Piercing Peak Punch: d, d + A/B/C/D

  • A hop into a downward palm strike
  • d,d+A/B: Travel 1/4 screen distance. Hits overhead.
    • A version is a clone.
    • B version is Chizuru. Is active sooner but has a bit less range.
  • d,d+C/D: Travel 3/4 screen distance. Whiffs on crouchers.
    • C version is a clone.
    • D version is Chizuru. Has a bit more range.
  • Damage is the same for all four versions.

Desperation Moves

Rules of Zen: qcb, hcf + A/C

  • Chizuru blasts the opponent with a sphere of energy that takes away command normals, special moves, and DMs, leaving only normal attacks and throws.
  • Soft knockdown
  • DM: Effect lasts for 5 seconds.
  • A version can be combo'd into.
  • C version has longer start-up, but more range.
  • SDM: Effect lasts for 8 seconds.
  • Can be combo'd into.

Rustling Wind Bruiser: qcf, qcf + B/D

  • Chizuru sends out a mirror clone that delivers a series of strikes while moving forward.
  • Soft knockdown
  • Can attack while active.
  • Chizuru is limited to normal attacks and throws until the clone completely disappears.
  • Clone can be attacked, ending the DM early.
  • DM: 10 hits. D version moves a bit faster than the B version, which lets it combo from heavy attacks and command normals.
  • SDM: 23 hits. Travels a full screen distance. Can be combo'd into.


  • j. D, cl. D, f+A, [qcf+A]/[hcb+D,D, qcb+D] (Anywhere)
  • j. D, cl. D, f+A, hcb+C,C, qcb+A/C (Corner)
  • j. D, [cr. B, cr. A]/[cl. D, f+A], qcb,hcf+A

( If in MAX mode, omit j. D if you want to use cr. B, cr. A. )

  • Cross-up j. D, cl. D, f+A, qcfx2+D.

( Omit f+A if in MAX mode and starting from cl. D )

Strategy & Tips

Be careful zoning with hcb+A/B and dp+A, the moves that send out clones.

qcb,hcf+p limiting opponent's movesets to less than the bare minimum is very powerful. Take advantage of their state when it connects.


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Chizuru Guide by Mash It Out

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