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Close Standing

  • 5A: Cancelable
  • 5B: Low kick, one of his OTG's, cancelable
  • 5C: A 2 hits upper slash, both hits are cancelable, the second hit sends the opponent to air
  • 5D: A knee strike, cancelable

Far Standing

  • 5A: A fast upper slash, can be used as a anti air, maybe most reliable than his DP.
  • 5B: Useful mid poke, good range, cancelable.
  • 5C: A far slash, great range, not cancelable
  • 5D: Same animation than 5B, not cancelable.


  • 2A: Hits low, cancelable.
  • 2B: Your main combo starter, self cancelable, hits low.
  • 2C: A Anti air button, a bit slow, cancelable.
  • 2D: Sweep, cancelable.


  • jA: Has a good reach, a good tool to air to air.
  • jB: Crossup, fast, instant overhead, maybe the best Moriya air button.
  • jC: Moriya swing his sword, great jump in.
  • jD: A jumping kick, can be used as a anti air with jump back.

Blowback Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow Moriya to do counter with far 5C, and he will then tag out.


Summer Rain: b/f + CD

  • Can be broken, Moriya Airlines™ sends the opponent to Australia.

Command Moves

Glancing Blade Drought: 3A/df.A

  • Cancelable overhead

Glancing Blade Eclipse: 3A/df.A when opponent is down

  • Another Moriya's OTG, when this move is used, allows Moriya to use another otg (3A or 5B)

Special Moves

Glancing Blade Moonlight: qcf + A/C - 236 A/C

  • Moriya's rekka, A version is a 3 hits combo, C version stars slower, but travels further ahead and hits one extra time C version can combo into 4 hits. The second hit is Super Cancelable. The first, second and third hits can be cancelled into Glancing Blade New Moon (dp A).

Glancing Blade New Moon: DP + A - 623 A

  • Upward slash, grounded anti-air.

Glancing Blade Double Moon: During New Moon, 623 C

  • Follow up to Glancing Blade New Moon.

Glancing Blade Reverse Moon: DP + C - 623 C

  • The strong version of his DP, can be used as a tricky crossup after a knockdown or a deep tactical step.

Sash Blade Moonwalk: RDP + A/B/C - 421 A/B/C

  • Teleportation A version puts Moriya in the same place, B version puts Moriya in a little foward, C version puts Moriya behind the opponent Pressing A, B, or C during the teleport puts Moriya into the Glancing Blade Haze stance for a long distance strike.

Glancing Blade Haze: qcb + A/B/C - 214 A/B/C

  • An extended slash, A version hits high, B version hits mid and C version hits low, you can cancel Haze with D.

Drown Sword Standby: Hold respective button during Glancing Haze.

  • Extend Glancing Haze stance.

Desperation Moves

Life and Death Moonlight Flash: 2x QCB + A/C - 2x 214 A/C

  • Moriya does multiple slashes, costs 1 meter

Life and Death Wild Seasons: QCF,HCB + A/C - 236,63214 A/C

  • Rushing attack, costs 2 meters

General Strategy

Moriya is a solid rushdown/mixup character, he has a good pressure with his decent pokes (5B, 5D, 2D, far 5B/5D), his rekkas and some tricks with his C DPs and Teleports.

  • He can start the combos from a low (cr. B) So, usually, combos with Moriya are started off with cr.bx2 to rekkas.

OTGs: Close 5B and 3C

  • 3C strikes the ground and can be done two times. It is done after a throw in the corner. Out of the corner use st.b as his OTG.

Some Moriya stuff:

  • After a knock down, Moriya can do DP + C for a unexpected crossup.
  • After 2C as AA, juggle with A version Rekkas. The last hit (Overhead) will connect. Its the best meterless option for a AA Combo. With meter, you can use 2C x 214214 A/B. Maybe you can use the ranbu super, i don't' know, i hate NGBC training mode.
  • The Last Blade characters have parries. Learn how to use this. Low Parry is (4B+D) and High Parry is (6B+D)


Usually, Moriya combos starts with the same way.

0 bar

  • (jX)2Bx3 > 236 Ax3

Your main Bnb

  • (jX)2A > 236 Ax3

When 2B will not reach, use 2A and do 236A fast to bypass the rekka second hit to overhead.

  • (jX)cl.5C(1 hit)/cl.5D > 236 Ax3

Close bnb, mad damage, usually, your GCFS main punisher

1 bar

  • 2Bx3 > 236 Ax2 > 2x214 A/C

Bnb into super, good damage

  • cl.5C(1 hit)/cl.5D > Tactical Step > 2Bx2 > 236Ax3

2 Bars

  • cl.5D > AC > cl.5D > AC > 2Bx2 > 236 Ax3

Just to style

  • 2Bx3 > 236 Ax2 > 236,63214 A/B
  • 5D > 236 Ax2 > 236,63214 A/B

(more to be updated)

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